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take. charge.

with the most unique light and USB charger of its kind

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Charges phones, tablets and other USB-compatible devices

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Lightweight and Compact.

Easy to Clip and Carry.

Rechargeable Light and USB Power Supply

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FAST: Recharges anywhere in the world in 5 hours

AC, DC or with its 7W folding solar panel

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Charge by Sun, Wall or Car

Aim in Any Direction

Hang it or Clip it

Take.  Charge.

Charge your Cell Phones, Tablets, Portable Gaming Systems and More

Spend more time with your family and friends. Take yourself off-grid and still stay connected. Get to know heli and learn how you can do everything you need and love to do – on and off the grid.

heli charges cell phones, tablets, mobile devices, headsets, navigation devices, portable gaming systems and more.  Use your own USB, or the heli Universal 10-in-1 Charging Cable with iPhone Lightning, iPhone 4, PSP, Nokia 8250, LGKG90, mini USB, micro USB, Samsung 1900, Samsung DB00 and Nokia N90 adapter tips to fit hundreds of electronic devices.

Introducing the heli, Rechargeable Light and USB Power Supply.

Be Ready for Anything.

See and Be Seen with Bright White, Red and Flashing Light Settings

Powerful enough to light the darkness and charge multiple devices at the same time, heli is always ready for anything.  heli super-bright white and red LEDs let you see, and be seen, and heli utilizes Harding Energy rechargeable lithium ion battery technology to keep cell phones charged and give tablets a boost.

Versatile enough to function as a lantern, flashlight, floodlight, work light and emergency signal light, heli’s multi-directional and adjustable components let you decide whether you want to set it, hang it, hold it, aim it or clip it.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything heli.  Nearly a decade ago our lanterns were invented to replace kerosene lamps, and are used today by humanitarian and relief agencies in the harsh and unforgiving environments of the developing world.  heli has worked in the solar power field for almost 10 years, and heli solar panels are the finest on the market today.  Charge your heli anywhere in the world in as little as 2 1/2 hours using heli 7W and 14W solar panels.